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Policies & Forms

Do you hate legal notices and forms as much as I do? And do you usually just sign without reading them? If you answered "Yes!" to both questions, please understand that I am required by law to have certain policies, and to inform clients of them. However, it's also very important to me, as an ethical and responsible mental health professional, to make sure that my clients understand the following points:

  • While your medical/mental health information is supposed to be kept private, HIPAA actually weakened earlier laws, and protects the health insurance companies' rights more than yours
  • My standards of privacy and confidentiality are much more rigorous┬áthan what HIPAA requires, or what you can expect in most┬ádoctors' offices
  • In fact, I am cautious to the point of near-paranoia about protecting my clients' privacy and confidentiality
  • I will gladly answer any questions you have about these policies, and can summarize them in plain English over the phone or when we first meet

Notice of Privacy Practices
Office Policies
Client Communication Policies

These forms can be filled out in my office during our first appointment. I offer them here if you would prefer to fill them out in advance and bring them with you:

Client Information
Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices