Offices in Castro Valley & Pleasanton, CA

Behavioral Consulting for Habit Change

Substance abuse and addiction

I have been educating people about substance abuse and addiction for over 30 years, and for almost as long have counseled adults with addictions and addictive behaviors, including:

  • problem drinking, binge drinking, alcohol abuse, alcoholism
  • drug abuse, drug dependence - especially marijuana, tobacco, prescription painkillers
  • behavioral addictions - especially compulsive spending, shopping, shoplifting
  • compulsive overeating, food restriction, sugar addiction
  • codependency, relationship addiction

Concerned about your drinking or drug use, but feel that traditional rehab or 12-Step programs are just not for you?
Not everyone needs, nor benefits from, the traditional approach to treatment. And while AA and other 12-Step groups are a wonderful resource, they also don’t work for everyone. I can help you develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and finances, which may include alternative support groups, medications to reduce cravings, behavioral strategies to reduce use, and mind-body practices to reduce emotional reactivity.


Admitted your addiction, been through treatment, but struggling with recovery?
Stopping substance abuse or behavioral addictions can be tough, but it’s “staying stopped” that’s often the biggest challenge. I can support your recovery and reduce the risk of relapse by helping you to change the way you think about and relate to your addiction, using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP).

(Note: I will work with addictions involving illegal substances and behaviors, as long as they do not involve threatened or actual violence toward others, or child pornography, due to the reporting requirements.)

Changing other behaviors and habits

Change is rarely easy, but it can seem impossible to break bad habits, learn healthy ones, or make the changes you want to make. I have been using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for 25 years to help adults change problematic thinking and behavior. Here are some issues CBT can help with:

  • adult ADD (attention deficit disorder)
  • dealing with difficult people – or being difficult with people you deal with
  • insomnia and other sleep problems
  • managing anger, stress, and burnout
  • overcoming procrastination and perfectionism

I am not a strict CBT therapist – I tend to use the concepts and principles as a guide rather than adhering to specific protocols, but I do give homework. I may incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion practices as well as coaching strategies – whatever works best to get you to your goal!