Offices in Castro Valley & Pleasanton, CA

About Rebecca

Hello, I’m Rebecca Stanwyck, a licensed psychotherapist, behavioral consultant, and meditation teacher with business consulting experience.

Let me unpack that a bit:  I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist in Castro Valley and Pleasanton, CA since 2004, helping adults ages 21-85 solve personal and work-related problems, break habits and addictions, and find clarity, self-acceptance, and peace.  I have special expertise in addictions, anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, life and job transitions, and stress-related illness. My approach is holistic and non-pathologizing, a blend of cognitive-behavioral techniques, mind-body practices, neuroscience, and supportive psychotherapy.

I also worked in Employee Assistance Programs for 20 years, so I understand workplace issues and stressors, especially among healthcare professionals, educators, and in the tech world. Concurrently, I taught Continuing Legal Education seminars on stress and substance abuse for 15 years, so I have some understanding of the issues and stressors in the legal professions.

I have been a mindfulness teacher since 2011. I have advanced training in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for the relief of anxiety and depression, and Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention for folks in early recovery from substance abuse and addiction, and offer 8-week courses in both. While mindfulness and meditation are grounded in Buddhism and other ancient Eastern philosophies and traditions, I approach the teaching of mindfulness in a secular, down-to-earth way, to help people improve and maintain cognitive function, physical health, emotional well-being, interpersonal effectiveness, and spiritual connection.

My credentials include a master’s degree in Social Work from UC Berkeley, an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Social Ecology from UC Irvine, and a CA license in Clinical Social Work.

And while I prefer to keep my personal and family life private, I will say that work-life balance is important to me, and I take good care of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.